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Overcome Wealth Inequality with Philanthropy

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Acquisition of wealth, when properly managed, can enrich and build a community. Stability, not only for one’s self and family, but for one’s community is at the core of an Islamic economy.

Halal Financing a Means to Building Community

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“Collapse of conventional banking, finance and the monetary system has exposed their weakness and the ease with which they can be abused.”

Investcorp Acquires Minority Stake in Food Producer

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Drop a message of your interest to support and donate to ISNA for the Accreditation project. http://www.isna.net/contact.html

UAE Leads Global Halal Standardization Drive

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The comprehensive framework of standards and regulations that the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (Esma) is currently formulating will not only cover food but will also regulate cosmetics and personal care products as well as textile and leather products.

Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013

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Madinat Jumeirah  Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013 Summit Vision Welcome to the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013 The Islamic economy is emerging as a new paradigm that will be driving growth over the coming decade. The Global Islamic Economy Summit 2013 is the first event to bring together world-class experts in critical industry sectors that [...]

Halal is where the money is!

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Article courtesy of Business Recorder Following the promise of Islamic finance, the Islamic meat market is growing at a promising rate. From negligible levels a decade and half ago, global Halal meat market currently stands close to $300 billion, according to most recent estimate by Halal Industry Research Center. This demand partly comes from Muslims [...]

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  • Azzad Wise Capital Fund wins 2014 Lipper Fund Award

    Azzad Wise Capital Fund wins 2014 Lipper Fund Award

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    It is the first and only Halal, socially responsible fixed-income investment option for those who observe the Islamic prohibition on the giving and taking of usury, or interest. Although it does not invest in securities that deal with debt instruments created from interest-based lending, the Azzad Wise Capital Fundinvests in securities that seek to share in the gains from its ventures, which include Sukuk and Islamic bank deposits.

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