Noor Vitamins: A New Dawn for Healthcare Consumers

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Susan Labadi

Frustrated, after reading ingredient labels on numerous children’s chewable vitamins, we put them back on the store shelf and walk away. Finding vitamins without
gelatin is akin to the search for the Holy Grail. Surprisingly, it’s more than just gelatin, many other ingredients including vitamins themselves (Vitamin A,
E, D, and K) can come from non-Halal sources. Finding vitamins and supplements to take without concern are mighty hard to find—until recently.

A team of U.S. Muslim physicians and pharmacists sought to create Halal alternatives to medicines and supplements that had non-Halal ingredients; two
years later, NoorVitamins™ has arrived, launched by Noor Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

As Islam allows the consumption of haram substances if necessary to preserve life or treat illness, we have settled for less-than-Halal options. Yet, the
question that each of us must answer is, “How far can one reasonably allow this provision for leniency?” If we can legitimately permit non-Halal properties in
medicines, is it permissible for vitamins, supplements, and topical therapeutics?

The team of concerned health professionals accepted the obligation to research and courageously provided Halal alternatives for the benefit of the Muslim and
other health conscious people by manufacturing NoorVitamins™.

In addition to medical and pharmacology training, the executive team at Noor has extensive pharmaceutical industry experience spanning from research and
development to global business management. In addition, the team brings the balance of Science and Islam to their products and business. Sh. Hatem el-Haj,
MD, PhD, a co-founder of Noor Pharmaceuticals, is considered a thought leader in Science and Islam. His medical training provides a scientific perspective to
Noor’s products and his PhD in Islamic Studies provides a Halal business model where the whole organization practices the highest business principles adhering
to Islam.

 Additionally, NoorVitamins is FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, and all of Noor’s ingredients and manufacturing is certified Halal by American Halal
Association member Islamic Services Association (ISA of Cedar Rapids, IA).

NoorVitamins launched in May 2011 and is already available in several pharmacies in the Northeast, with plans to expand nationally by 2012. Additionally, Dr. Mohamed
Issa, Noor’s CEO, stated that the next phases of the company’s development will include development of more Halal vitamin products and extend beyond vitamins
to provide Halal pharmaceuticals and medicines specifically needed by the Muslim population.

Noor™ features Noor’s most popular products: Omega-3 Fish Oil; Adult MultiVitamin and Mineral; Children’s Chewable MultiVitamin; Prenatal
Supplement; and Calcium with Vitamin D. The Health Center and FAQ tabs on the site are informative resources for consumers seeking healthcare information. A
unique feature of the site is the video series, “More Than Honey and the Black Seed,” which features one of Noor’s co-founders speaking about the balance of
Science and Islam on satellite TV.

In addition the product offerings, leadership at Noor Pharmaceuticals™ is committed to the Muslim community they serve. Noor’s team partners with local
healthcare providers to lead community health fairs hosted in masajid, schools and community centers with the goal of educating the community about
health-related topics. According to Dr. Issa, “Noor is striving to educate local communities about the ailments that affect our people the most.”


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  1. syed says:

    Im in Harrisburg,PA and im looking for halal multi vitamins for 50+ men and women.if anyone can help me in this regard
    jazakallah khair

    • admin says:

      Assalamu Alaikum,
      Receiving your inquiry for Halal multi-vitamins, I would suggest you review the offerings of NoorVitamins, which is a subsidiary of Noor Pharmaceuticals LLC. They are certified Halal by IFANCA, and manufactured in the U.S. My family uses the Multi-Vitamin and mineral formula, and I qualify to be in the 50+ category too. Please refer to their website for more details.
      Best wishes wa salaam,
      Susan Labadi
      American Halal Association

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